Diane Armstrong

Name: Diane Armstrong di1207

Reiki Training: Certified Instructor, Reiki Master

About Me:  Professionally, the common thread woven throughout all I’ve done has been about helping others feel the peaceful well-being that is always available beneath the details of daily life.  I have been honored with a thriving Reiki practice in Snow Hill, MD and teach Reiki nationwide in informal settings and in hospitals, including the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD.  I’ve also been certified as a spiritual life coach and group facilitator. Visit my web site ReikiVibe.com to learn more about my professional Reiki practice. 

Since Reiki is about vibration, I thought I’d share a Kirlian photograph of my energy field (called the aura).kirlianphoto07

Website Address: http://www.reikivibe.com/

Phone Number: 410.251.7701

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Location: Snow Hill, Maryland 21863

Offers Reiki Sessions to the Public: Yes

Teaching Reiki: Yes